PADDLING PARTNERS …  Members may send unofficial trip invitations to all other events but they are not club sponsored.  Members may also choose to make their contact information available to all other members via the club roster.

POOL SESSIONS AND CLINICS…  The club sponsors indoor pool sessions for practice of safety, plus basic and advanced kayaking skills.  During the summer months this activity may be extended to local open waters.  Lower rates are often offered to club members by professional instructors.  Please see the Sponsors page and Calendar page for current schedules.

MEETINGS…  The club meets every month.  Meetings include presentations of interest to kayakers, an opportunity to exchange information with fellow members, and, at least once a year, the camaraderie of an outdoor paddling and picnic event.

LIBRARY  The club maintains a collection of kayak-specific books, videos, and charts for checkout by members. Click on CLUB LIBRARY at the top of this page for detailed listings.

QUALITY OF LIFE…  The club acts as a catalyst to help open doors to shared knowledge, improved skill levels, and out-door adventures.  It also introduces you to people who share your interests in the life-long physical activity and fun of kayaking, camping and exploring our Pacific Northwest waters.